What goes into property management? Plenty! You have to market your property to the right audiences to keep your apartments occupied. You have to tend to any tenant needs or disputes, from fixing broken plumbing to working to keep the peace between contentious neighbors. If you own or manage properties, you wear many hats. If you could use help, guidance, or training in any area, CLASS is here for you. We are experienced property leasing specialists and we can provide vacancy solutions for you. From effective apartment marketing ideas to proven methods for how to increase occupancy, we’re here to assist. Contact us today!

  1. Leasing Tips: Avoid The Price Question

    What is the first thing that your prospects ask on the phone when they call your property? Chances are it is “how much are your apartments?” I would venture to guess that over 80% of apartment inquiries start with that question. However, a majority of these same prospects have most likely search…Read More

  2. December Apartment Leasing Tips

    When leasing apartments it is important to give some thought into the buying behavior of our potential residents. In most cases, a decision to lease an apartment is not made entirely by the prospect who tours the apartment. When there are other occupants living in the unit, their feedback becomes es…Read More

  3. Hiring Generation Y: IQ vs EQ

    Generation Y can be smart and educated.  Generation Y can also be emotional and flaky.  As hundreds of thousands of Generation Y’ers graduate from college and move into the workforce it is important to identify the traits that can make or break a hire.  So here is the big secret… when hiring…Read More

  4. Exploring Risk Exposure in Multi-Family Developments.

    CLASS is pleased to have guest blogger Chris Player, CIC, of Stevens Hale and Associates  provide some much needed insight into different areas of risk exposure in multifamily communities.   Thanks for sharing Chris! “Apartment executives face a number of day to day challenges.  From real est…Read More

  5. Multi-Family Site Selection Due Diligence

    With the multi-family market remaining red hot, CLASS reached out to Fred Beebe of  Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co to provide some insight on Site Selection Due Diligence.   Thomas and Hutton has conducted site searches, land plans, and civil engineering for 11,000 apartment units in South…Read More

  6. Marketing Trends of 2012 (Updated) by Justin Coleman

      I was looking through some previous blog posts and came across one from last year predicting the Marketing Trends of 2012.  Since it was made exactly a year ago I figured it would be neat to see which of these trends and projections have held up over the past 12 months.  Additionally, I have pr…Read More

  7. Property Taxes: The Downside of an Up-Market

    One negative impact of the red hot Multifamily market is the increase in property taxes.  With class A and B properties frequently trading, tax assessors are provided with ammunition to re-appraise Multifamily properties.  In times of low trading and reduced property value, many assessors will onl…Read More