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In part one of our blog series on the best updates to make to your rental, we discussed the value of updating and what a few simple updates can mean to the quality of the renters you attract, the price of the rent they’re willing to pay, and the amount of time you’ll be able to hang on to them. We also talked about the value of fresh paint, new flooring, new appliances, and modern lighting in your apartments. In today’s blog, we’ll continue our discussion about some of the most significant updates to your apartments. Continue reading below to learn more.

Bathroom Updates

When potential renters go from house to house to look at the potential for each, everyone has their own list of desired features. Some people care a great deal about the flooring, others want newer appliances, but everyone wants the same thing: convenience. With a bathroom update, you’re ensuring that your powder rooms and water closets are not only functional but perhaps even fashionable. Have some subway tile added to your tub/shower, opt for granite countertops, and upgrade your toilet to a larger one. However you choose to update the bathroom in your rental property, you simply can’t go wrong with this decision.

Add Smart Technology

One of the best things about being a landlord in the 21st Century is the availability of some of the smartest technology and devices ever invented. When you install some of these smart devices and techs into your rentals, you’re upping the value of your place, and you’re making a sound investment that you’re more than likely to get back when your apartment is finally rented. Consider wowing residents by getting a smart thermostat, smart lock, or speakers/music playing devices installed throughout the house

Kitchen Updates

To many people, the kitchen is the centerpiece or the gathering point of the home. For this reason, potential renters will be extremely impressed with a remodeled or updated kitchen. Consider having new flooring installed, putting in new countertops, or refinishing your cabinets. A few simple to moderate kitchen updates can transform the whole apartment and your renters will probably be willing to pay a little bit extra for this modern kitchen.

Built-In Shelving

One of the things that will help give your rentals character is the addition of unique shelving and “camo cabinetry.” The installation of these shelves can transform a bedroom, make a dining room more charming, and give a living room a quaint functionality that residents will love. The shelving that you install could be cleverly concealed in a closet, random cabinet, or sliding doors. Consider installing shelving into your complex or rentals.



Wallpaper Accent Wall

We understand that you need to be careful when working with bold colors and daring designs; some of the trendiest looks might not appeal to the average resident. That being said, finding a tasteful, modern wallpaper to use as an accent wall may give your space a modern and beautiful look. If you’re imagining your grandmother’s floral wallpaper, this is not exactly what we’re alluding to. There are tasteful and subtle wallpapers that almost provide more of a texture than a design. Browse some of the best wallpapers online and you’ll get inspired fast.

As a landlord, you’re providing a service in exchange for monthly payment, that service is a home. When you can provide an excellent home that is updated and modern, a resident will be far more willing to pay higher rental costs. When you are consistently getting hundreds of dollars more per month in rent, you will be thankful that you put these costly updates into your apartments.

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