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  1. Image of a leasing agent showing a floor plan to a prospective couple

    4 Things Your Leasing Staff Should Be Doing

    In a high-paced field like the real estate leasing industry, there are certain skill sets of successful leasing agents. They’re constantly dealing with people, and in most cases, the only thing standing between the prospect and a signed lease agreement is how well the agent can do their job. The f…Read More

  2. Things You Should Know About Lease-Ups

    If you’re invested in the construction of new multifamily communities, it’s likely that you’ve frequently heard the term “lease-up.” A property lease-up is the time between a new apartment complex is built and the period of six months to a year after it opens. During this period, the commu…Read More

  3. The Spots You Miss When Cleaning Your Apartments

    Part of successfully marketing, leasing, and filling the apartments in your community means keeping them clean when they’re vacant. While most leases require the residents to clean the home before they leave, the reality is that many residents don’t do as thorough a job as you might like. It’s…Read More

  4. Finding the Right Price for Your Apartments

    Welcome back to our blog page here at Class Inc.! As the nation’s best source for quality vacancy solutions, we’re gearing up for some of our busiest times of the year: the end of the summer. There is a reason why this is a chaotic time for our team and it often starts and ends with college stud…Read More

  5. Residents Who Pay, Residents Who Stay

    Here at Class, we’re constantly amazed at the number of people who are still trying to do it all on their own. They’re running their own adds in the local newspaper, they’re trying to screen applicants with software they hope is accurate, and they are trying to do every aspect of property mana…Read More

  6. Important Updates For Your Rentals

    Welcome back to our blog page here at Class! There are many aspects of what we do that help us stand above the rest, but perhaps the quality of which we’re most proud is our commitment to excellence and unmatched customer service. No matter where you’re located in the U.S., Class Inc. would love…Read More

  7. Renting to the Right People

    The benefits of renting to responsible people and how to do it. The value of your property is dependent on much more than just the property itself. As a landlord or property management company, it’s your job to make sure that the people who are going to rent from you are going to have a positive i…Read More

  8. Websites to Post Your Listing On

    Websites to Post Your Home or Apartment Listing on Hey there, and welcome back to the Class Inc. blog. In our last post, we talked about tips to make your home or apartment listing stand out on Craigslist. Not only is Craigslist used by thousands of people, but it’s also more flexible compared to …Read More

  9. Utilizing Craigslist to Rent Your Property

    How To Optimize Your Apartment Listing on Craigslist Selling and renting out homes is not what it used to be. In the past, apartment marketing was done via newspapers, word of mouth, and signs stuck in front of the property. However, today, through the internet and technology, renting out homes has …Read More

  10. Tips for Leasing to the Student Demographic

    Consider these Tips if You're Leasing to College Students While renting to college students might appear to be a simple affair— students need housing— oftentimes, this endeavor proves to be quite the challenge. With more people attending a university every year, the market for student housing is…Read More