Common Challenges With Senior Housing

Senior living is hard to summarize in a nutshell, since there are many different types. Do you run an assisted living facility? Are you offering apartments for seniors who are mostly independent? Both scenarios qualify as senior living, but they are vastly different in terms of marketing strategy and resident retention. In general, here are some of the common challenges you’ll find with senior housing:

  • Demand correlates to the residents’ health needs, physical condition, practical requirements, and level of independence
  • Turnover is high due to the nature of the population being served
  • Additional facility expenses are often present (such as for amenities required for assisted living)
  • There is a higher need for ongoing upkeep
  • Additional challenges and considerations

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Despite the unique demands senior housing presents, it’s quite possible to run a profitable community that provides excellent amenities for the residents. Because senior living facilities vary so much in shape, size, and nature, it’s highly beneficial to have a team of leasing agents on your side.

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