1. Creating Community In Your Complex

    When it comes to apartment leasing solutions, there’s so much more to success than simply acquiring tenants. Sure, you could scoop up people all day to fill your apartments or vacant rooms, but it doesn’t mean much if there’s a high turnover rate that causes headaches on your end. There are ma…Read More

  2. Hierarchy of Needs

    Have you stopped and asked yourself lately, what do my prospects feel when they tour my community? The Multi-family Housing Industry never stops, and most days are hectic. However, we can never forget the true purpose of the industry: helping prospects find the right apartment home they need. You ma…Read More

  3. The Spots You Miss When Cleaning Your Apartments

    Part of successfully marketing, leasing, and filling the apartments in your community means keeping them clean when they’re vacant. While most leases require the residents to clean the home before they leave, the reality is that many residents don’t do as thorough a job as you might like. It’s…Read More

  4. How to Make Sure Your Apartments Never Stay Empty

    Welcome back to our blog page here at Class Inc.! Our offices have never been busier and we wouldn’t have it any other way. We work with property owners from all over the nation and we certainly take a lot of pride in what we do. If you’re looking for a leasing company to take some of the burden…Read More

  5. Work With CLASS Inc. For Success

    Are you an apartment manager who is tired of trying to keep your community filled with residents? Do you feel that your community has a lot to offer, but just can’t seem to get any notice? CLASS Inc. is here to help property managers like you with our tried and true apartment vacancy solutions. We…Read More

  6. The Dream Job: Come Work With Us

    Are you looking for a dream job and just haven’t found what you’re looking for? Do you like helping other businesses become better? Are you looking for an exciting career and want to be a leader? Do you want to learn more about other communities? If you can answer yes to these questions, then yo…Read More

  7. Get Their Attention: Tips to Connect

    In this day and age, it can feel difficult to get the attention of prospective residents, especially when you live in a city full of renting options. How do you outshine the rest? According to RentPath.com, in February 2014, communities that had an outstanding digital presence were the ones that saw…Read More

  8. Marketing to Millennials: 5 Tips to Using Instagram

    According to The Social Times, there are a whopping 400 million users on Instagram. The photo sharing network attracts 26% of all online adults and is even more popular with younger adults, with 53% of adults ages 18-29 using Instagram. That is THE target demo for a lot of our clients since they’…Read More

  9. Saying Sorry Is Easier Said Than Done

    Last week as I was heading to the airport to catch a flight from Mobile to Atlanta, my phone buzzed with a text alert from Delta. I knew what it was before even opening the message-- a flight delay. Thirty minutes later, along came another text informing me of a second delay. In the airline industry…Read More

  10. The Tiny Home Movement: Tiny Apartment, Big Benefits

    More and more Americans are joining the movement to purge the excess in their lives and search for ways that lead to a simpler, healthier, and more carefree lifestyle. Some contribute to the movement by simply cleaning out their shoe closet, planting a vegetable garden, or finally donating all of th…Read More