What goes into property management? Plenty! You have to market your property to the right audiences to keep your apartments occupied. You have to tend to any tenant needs or disputes, from fixing broken plumbing to working to keep the peace between contentious neighbors. If you own or manage properties, you wear many hats. If you could use help, guidance, or training in any area, CLASS is here for you. We are experienced property leasing specialists and we can provide vacancy solutions for you. From effective apartment marketing ideas to proven methods for how to increase occupancy, we’re here to assist. Contact us today!

  1. Apartment Amenities…What Do Residents Use? By Justin Coleman

      In April, Lindsay Machak with Multifamily Executive ran an article about the top five most underutilized amenities at apartment communities. Three top executives in the industry contributed their feedback about these amenities and whether or not they were deemed underutilized. The five amenities …Read More


    CLASS is very honored to have guest blogger and Student Housing Consultant Michael Coakley join us to weigh in on the amenity arms race that we are experiencing in Student Housing.  We would like to thank Michael for his great insight into the features and amenities that truly ad value for Studen…Read More

  3. Can Cause Marketing Work In Multifamily?

    For today’s consumer, there is purpose behind a purchase. If you watched The Masters last month, you may have noticed ExxonMobil’s campaign for their National Math and Science Initiative.  Rather than promoting their product, ExxonMobil utilized a marketing technique known as Cause Marketing. …Read More

  4. Apartment Application Of The Week by Justin Coleman

      This is a great app for your smart phone that can really be of assistance for not only leasing agents, but also for prospects. The app is called RoomScan and was created by Locometric.  RoomScan allows you to measure the dimensions of a room by simply holding your phone up to each of the wall…Read More

  5. Multifamily Insurance Marketplace Update

    CLASS is pleased to have guest blogger Michael Shadeed of Franklin Street Insurance Services provide us with an insurance marketplace update. "As apartment owners, you are part of one of the most volatile insurance marketplaces in the country, with coverage options and pricing continuously in flux.…Read More