The benefits of renting to responsible people and how to do it.

The value of your property is dependent on much more than just the property itself. As a landlord or property management company, it’s your job to make sure that the people who are going to rent from you are going to have a positive impact on the home. While a security deposit exists for the reason of repairing any damages caused by previous residents, it could only go so far. As experts in leasing services, Class Inc. can’t emphasize the value of responsible, courteous renters. Today, we’re going to go over some of the benefits of great residents, and how you can acquire them!

How Great Residents Can Benefit You!

A greatness in a resident stretches far past them paying their rent on time. While this is obviously a good thing, responsibility comes in the form of knowing how to properly communicate and keeping the building as orderly and clean as possible. First, good communication means that you, as a landlord, can have an idea of the workings of the home. For example, if the resident notices that a pipe is leaking, they’d call you to have it fixed rather than leaving it so that the problem could get worse.

Respectful residents are also more likely to keep the house clean and not ruin it. At the end of the day, or lease, respectively, a security deposit can only go so far in repairing and cleaning a home. If the residents attracted a pest problem or broke something and neglected to fix something or report it, then the damages could be irreparable. However, while respectful residents are a gem for your home, they’re sometimes hard to find.

It’s a Cycle

If your first residents were unclean, messy, and destructive, it might be difficult to find good people who would be willing to subsequently live there. First, depending on how messy these residents are, the exterior of the home or apartment could also look quite messy, warning off those who see it. Second, when you have to show people the place and it’s a mess, chances are people are going to be wary of renting it after them.

This creates a cycle. Responsible people aren’t going to want to live in a home that’s been trashed. However, they will want to live in a home that has been tended to and cared for.

You Can Have an Impact

As a landlord, it’s your responsibility to interact with your residents and to be responsive. Going back to the leaky pipe problem: if they feel comfortable communicating with you, they’re going to be more likely to. Additionally, if they respect you, they might feel more inclined to keep the place in tip top shape.

A Run Down

Sometimes, it’s difficult to make sure that everyone who rents from you is clean and respectful. It’s up to you to set clear expectations for your residents and emphasize that they need to communicate with you and to treat the house as if it was their own. For leasing services or help with residents, don’t hesitate to join up with Class Inc. We can help you plan for being a great landlord.