Here at Class, we’re constantly amazed at the number of people who are still trying to do it all on their own. They’re running their own adds in the local newspaper, they’re trying to screen applicants with software they hope is accurate, and they are trying to do every aspect of property management all on their own. As most of us know, owning rental properties, apartments, or multi-family units can be a full-time job if you’re doing it on your own.

Class Inc. exists so that property owners can finally have the much-needed help they’ve been desperate for. People who have worked with us can enjoy more time with their families, less worry about their properties, and more time to finally be able to live a little. Contact Class now to get help with your property!

There are all kinds of people in this world, and in effect, there are all kinds of renters floating around today. There are people who pay their bills early, those who pay their bills on the day that they’re due, and others who either consistently forget about their financial responsibilities, or purposefully put them on the back burner. Since you’re in a business in which you rely on people’s prompt and regular payments, you probably know what kind of residents you want to have in your complex or rental. In today’s blog, we’re going to look at all of the best ways to ensure that you’re finding the right residents; residents who pay and residents who stay. Continue reading below to learn more.

Charge The Right Amount

Have you ever gone shopping for an expensive item and you’re immediately turn off when a certain brand is too inexpensive? In the same way, not charging enough for your rentals can make people wonder if something is wrong with your property, your reviews, or your customer service. It can seem ridiculous at times, but people can be turned off to a property when the price is too low. Make sure that you’re not so desperate to get your apartments rented that you either turn the good residents away and attract the wrong kind of people.

While charging too little for your apartments is bad enough, it’s also never a good idea to charge way too much. When your prices are so much more than those of your similar competitors, you’ll either have an extremely hard time getting your apartments rented or you’ll have difficulty retaining renters because they simply can’t sustain your prices.

Bring a Leasing Company on Board

When you’ve done everything at your property on your own, you may be ready for a little bit of help. A leasing company can take so much of the responsibility off of your shoulders and help you advertise in the right places, screen the right potentials, and even help bear the brunt of your other management responsibilities. Class has been helping property owners for over 30 years and we’ve got the experience, the professional training, and the excellence in management to be able to help you with your responsibilities.

As you probably know, renting to the wrong sort of people can often result in you missing out on prompt payments, losing residents after only a few months, and dealing with loads of stress that can literally take years off of your life. There are ways to make sure that you find the right kind of residents, but if you’re still committed to doing things the old way, you might simply get more of the same.

Work With The Experts

Step into the future and contact Class Inc., today! We would love to help you with the whole process of getting great residents, keeping them in your apartments, and maintaining all of the responsibilities that a property owner has. For more information on how you can get Class on board with your property management, contact us today!