Since our very beginnings in 1984, CLASS has been a leasing agency with the best interests of our clients in mind. By providing the best solutions to apartment vacancies, CLASS has established itself as the leading nationwide leasing agency. But how have we been able to accomplish this? Each of our leasing services focuses on getting quality residents into your apartments so that your community is full of happy, content people who pay their rent on time and shout your praises to everyone they know.

If what you need is a team of leasing specialists to help you with the leasing process, we start with thorough research, follow it up with relevant marketing, handle leasing inquiries, perform product demonstrations, and close leases quickly. If you’re interested in CLASS because of our training services, you’ll be amazed at what our training sessions and leasing courses can do for your on-site leasing endeavors.

With our decades of proven success in both professional leasing services and leasing agent training, you have nothing to lose except those empty apartments when you choose to work with CLASS. Whether you own an apartment community in Michigan, you have new construction properties in Houston, or you have student housing communities in Georgia, CLASS is ready and willing to get you on the path to full occupancy! Don’t believe that we’re the best? Read through our testimonials and case studies to see just how effective and valuable we truly are to our clients. You can rely on CLASS’ professionalism and vast experience to handle all of your leasing needs.