Our Strategy

Prior to arriving on site, CLASS works with key members of your organization to discuss the property profile in order to develop a detailed leasing and marketing plan. Upon arriving at the community, our property leasing company conducts a start-up meeting with you and your onsite team. During this start-up meeting, CLASS will discuss common goals for the property and observe the community’s existing leasing procedures and marketing plan in order to identify the areas in need of additional attention. CLASS will leverage an expansive library of techniques and experiences to consult with your team on the latest leasing and marketing trends in the industry. At the end of the start-up meeting, all stakeholders will be confident that CLASS has a distinctive, thorough approach to tackling even the toughest leasing challenges.

Our leasing specialists will be an invaluable addition to your onsite team. They will collaborate with your staff on marketing and leasing efforts knowing that teamwork and continuity are critical to a successful lease-up. CLASS leasing specialists work seven days a week to completely immerse themselves in your property. They will drive traffic in the door, handle leasing inquiries, perform the product demonstration, and close leases quickly. Each specialist is a knowledgeable leasing professional who develops and implements property management solutions designed to maximize the leasing marketing strategy and accelerate lease-ups.

Getting Started

The CLASS leasing specialist will begin each assignment by completing CLASS’ unique 48-hour express program. This program is an efficient two-day acclimation period designed to ensure our leasing specialist has an extensive understanding of your property, the market, and the intricate details of your local community.

In order to identify and overcome the challenges facing the property, the CLASS leasing specialist will:

  • Shop three to five competitive properties on the phone and in person to create a comparable market analysis
  • Construct a comprehensive property tour that develops a feature-specific product demonstration and prepares ways to overcome any property objections
  • Design, order, and implement the leasing marketing strategy as outlined in the start-up meeting

The CLASS leasing specialist will assume all leasing duties beginning on day three at the property. Our leasing company places a high value on communication, therefore progress at the property will be tracked, monitored, and reported daily to your team.

Check out our many case studies to read about our successes, look through our testimonials, and contact CLASS with questions or to get started!