1. Master an Exceptional Closing Ratio

    CLASS was a big reason why we exceeded so many of our leasing goals—they really have great natural sales skills and somehow master an exceptional closing ratio while not coming off as too pushy. A lot of our residents (as well as the office/maintenance team) are sorry to see them go.”

    Sallie Hendricks
  2. Eager To Close Leases

    I would definitely recommend CLASS to other management companies. Their level of professionalism and proven results have been a tremendous help to us throughout many of our projects. Each consultant we have been assigned is very well trained, polished and eager to close leases!

    Lori Jones, Director of Sales & Marketing, Whiteco Residential
  3. Their focus is incredible.

    CLASS knows leasing and affords their clients the opportunity to focus on renovations and operations without worrying whether or not the prospects are being taken care of. Their focus is incredible, and if you follow their guidance, you’re going to be positioning yourself for a faster lease-up without a doubt.

    David Danish, VP of Operations, Nessel Development, Real Estate Acquisition & Development
  4. They work hand in hand with our team.

    Having teamed up on multiple projects over the past years, I value the partnership that has been forged with the CLASS executive team. The CLASS front office understands the intricacies of property management and they work hand in hand with our team to maximize occupancy and NOI.

    David Abbenante, President, HRI Management
  5. They are professional, highly motivated, and results driven.

    The Woodner Company has had a very productive relationship with CLASS. CLASS has assisted with our leasing needs in two major East Coast markets. The results speak for themselves. CLASS works diligently to assess and improve leasing efforts and has proven to significantly increase occupancy. They are professional, highly motivated, and results driven.

    We are always impressed with the employees they send to staff our leasing offices, the attention to detail, and the ability to integrate into a new office atmosphere without hesitation. The CLASS owners and managers are excellent at communicating on a regular basis to ensure that owners’ goals are being met and to address leasing or marketing concerns.

    If you find a challenging market that requires leasing advice and assistance, CLASS is the perfect solution.

    Scott A. Kessler, Chief Financial Officer, The Woodner Company
  6. Totally happy with the results CLASS has delivered!

    We have been totally happy with the results CLASS has delivered! Their professional, experienced Leasing Specialists have turned around several properties for us and we will partner with them, without hesitation, on future lease-ups!

    Steve Lavery, VP of Property Management, Herman & Kittle
  7. I would highly recommend their services.

    As an owner or manager you’d like to think that you are in the business of renting, but in over 25 years of managing there have been times that my staff, the property environment, or market conditions required a more concentrated marketing and sales component. I first used CLASS almost 20 years ago and have utilized their expertise several times since. Their process is strategic, honed and they pay particular attention to your needs and requirements. I would highly recommend their services when it’s clear you need the help.

    Mike Beirne, Executive VP, The Kamson Corporation
  8. Their results are second to none.

    We use CLASS on our properties because their Leasing Specialists simply lease apartments fast. They are professional, motivated, and their results are second to none. I trust that every Leasing Specialist they send to our properties will be highly trained and a team player. The presence of a CLASS Leasing Specialist at our communities is a crucial ingredient to our success.

    David Perlmutter, Regional Manager, Kushner Real Estate Group
  9. Our employees make higher commissions.

    CLASS Training helps our employees make higher commissions because they are equipped with the tools to rent the majority of the apartments at MARKET rent. Most importantly, they have learned to sell by focusing on the PRODUCT which has also translated into successful renewals. CLASS trainers have been invited to our region for two years in a row and we hope to continue this every year to keep the teams motivated and hone their skills. The best part is that after the training, our people can reach out to the CLASS trainers for advice when we experience tough market conditions or when there is a challenging apartment to lease.

    Vivian Smith, Capital Properties, Regional Property Manager
  10. A great learning opportunity.

    The CLASS training provided our leasing team with a great learning opportunity. CLASS gave us leasing tips and taught a mentality that is beneficial regardless of whether a person has been in apartment management for years or is new to the business.

    Tyson O’Connell, Rocky Mountain Development Group, Director of Asset Management