Welcome back to our blog page here at Class! Our nationwide leasing company is reading and waiting to come on board your property management situation. Whether you’ve been doing everything yourself and you’re ready for a break or you’re disappointed with the way things are going with your property, Class is the company for you. We’ll step in and help you with apartment marketing, potential resident screening, and an overall release of stress from your mind. Contact us today to speak with leasing expert!

As a rental property owner, when you hear the words “leasing up,” what do you think of? There are a lot of common beliefs out there in regards to what a leasing company can and will really do. Some people think that a leasing company can only help you on the front end, others believe that a leasing company is just going to help you with marketing. In today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the most common myths associated with property leasing companies.

A National Leasing Agent Won’t Understand My Area’s Market

There is a lot to think of when you’re a property owner. In addition to all of your other responsibilities, you understand that in order to have a decent handle on marketing, you have to know the area you’re advertising in. The fear of many property owners is that a national property leasing agent will come in and “save the day,” without having a handle on the area, understanding the full extent of the property, and even misunderstand your expectations.

Class will show you that this simply isn’t true. As soon as you bring us on board, we’ll send one of our professionally trained agents out to you to have a start-up meeting, in which you’ll be able to discuss goals, hopes, and expectations for your property. This will be followed by a 48-hour express program in which our specialist will get to know the area, check out the competition, and the market that you’ll be working with.

A Leasing Company Will Not Follow My Vision

It’s normal to have fear and anxiety when you’re contemplating bring on a leasing company to help with your property management needs. Some people believe that a leasing company will come in and instead of listening to them and hearing them out, the company will move forward with their plan with little to no regard for the property owner.

When you work with Class, you’ll be amazed at how your voice is heard, your opinion is valued, and your wishes are carried out. Our goal is to work with you as a team, not completely take control of what you’ve poured your life into.

A Leasing Company Won’t Do Much For Me

When you’ve never worked with a leasing company, it might be normal to not realize the amazing job that they can do for property owners. A great leasing company will drive traffic to the door, handle leasing inquiries, perform the product demonstrations, and close leases quickly! They can also provide valuable training to your team so that you can take full advantage of what they can offer!

Work With The Experts

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