1. Best of the Best: The Power of Positivity

    At CLASS we strive to create a culture based on the belief that your attitude controls your outcome. We strongly believe that by having a positive mental attitude you can achieve great things. Not only does our management team value positivity, but we pass on the importance of having a positive ment…Read More

  2. Tough Property? No such thing to a CLASS Leasing Specialist!

    At CLASS the job is never easy. Assignments are never a chance for our Leasing Specialists to kick back and watch the leases roll in. In fact, it’s the opposite. CLASS is only called to properties with leasing problems where help is necessary. That’s why today we are going to focus on Leasing Sp…Read More

  3. The Best of the Best

    What separates a CLASS Leasing Specialist from the typical leasing agent is the ability to go exceed the expectations set out for them. We tell our clients that they should expect leasing numbers to increase anywhere from double to triple what they’re currently receiving. Although that is a tall o…Read More

  4. Proactive Apartment Leasing

    Are you proactive?  One of the things that separate the top business people from the rest of the population is their ability to identify what needs to be done on a project.  Most of the nation’s workforce will wait around until they are told what to do.  But those top people will walk into a …Read More

  5. Handling a Challenging Assignment

    Why does an apartment owner call CLASS?  While there are many answers to this question, one common theme surrounds a majority of our assignments.  They are difficult.  If it was easy our company would not be in business. As many of you have noticed, the degree of difficulty of our assignments may…Read More

  6. The Best of the Best

    For the best sales people, it’s all about details.  While first impressions, being on time and having a great attitude are all essential to a successful assignment, the best Leasing Specialists are the ones who focus on the entire sales process, including the details.  They don’t just follow-u…Read More

  7. The best of the best

    For being such a small company, CLASS is an interesting dichotomy. While we may lease for many years and only meet a handful of fellow Leasing Specialists, the dynamics of our organization make us surprisingly reliant on the success of our fellow colleagues.   In other words, the level at which yo…Read More