How To Optimize Your Apartment Listing on Craigslist

Selling and renting out homes is not what it used to be. In the past, apartment marketing was done via newspapers, word of mouth, and signs stuck in front of the property. However, today, through the internet and technology, renting out homes has become simultaneously easier and more competitive. Easier in that the internet allows renters to access thousands of people across multiple platforms and more competitive in that multiple home owners are also using these platforms to reach potential residents.

One of the most popular internet resources that apartment hunters are utilizing is the infamous Craigslist. With its easy to use interface, Craigslist has become a preferred method of both finding, and renting, vacant homes. As apartment marketing consultants, we at Class Inc. have decided to dedicate today’s blog post to Craigslist postings and how to use them to your best advantage:

Use Descriptive Thumbnail Titles

When you first open up the housing section on Craigslist, you’ll come across a gallery of thumbnails. Each thumbnail will list an image (or no image), the posting date, the price, the location, and the number of bedrooms. It will also list a link where the poster could type in their own customized description. Utilize this link space to effectively describe the place that you’re renting out. Here’s a good example: “Renovated condo with hardwood floors, spacious garage, and updated kitchen!” The space is limited, so you can’t go over a certain character limit. Therefore, it’s important to list the most attractive features of your listing in this space.

Clear Photos

We at Class Inc. can’t stress the importance of photographs enough. Apartment marketing on Craigslist, the difference between clear, detailed photographs and blurry ones is a vacant home and a loss of income! If you could hire a professional photographer to take photos of your apartment, great! If not, don’t fret. Most smartphones today have cameras with sophisticated technology that will take clear photos. Just make sure that the photos you do take fully encapsulate the apartment. Document both the exterior and interior to the best of your ability.

List all Possible Details

Craigslist allows you plenty of space to provide details about your apartment leasing. Make sure to list all necessary details clearly and concisely. Nobody wants to dig through a lengthy paragraph to find what they need. Class Inc. suggests utilizing bullet points in your ad to effectively show potential residents what your apartment offers. Some helpful things to consider listing on Craigslist that apartment hunters will be seeking out include the monthly rent, number of bedrooms, number of baths, whether pets are allowed, parking options, what utilities are included, and other amenities and accommodations that make your property stand out!

Add Information about yourself

Whether you’re a leasing company or an independent property owner wanting to rent out a vacant space, it’s absolutely important to provide information about yourself. If you’re a leasing company, provide a link to your website. This is especially beneficial if you’re company has excellent reviews listed. If you’re independent, provide anything you can about yourself including your name, contact information, and helpful information that would allow potential residents to trust you. Regardless of whether you’re a company or an independent leaser, successful apartment marketing on sites like Craigslist relies heavily on the trust that you’re able to gain from those who are looking for a new place to call home. If you’re struggling, be sure to call Class Inc. for excellent training courses to get you the experience you need to make sure your homes are never vacant!

Scope out Your Competitors

Craigslist is useful in that it gives you easy access to what other leasing agents are also offering. Here, you can see the prices of similar listings and what their properties include. If you’re struggling to sell your home, it might be because a similar home is offering a better price for rent PLUS including trash and water in the overall rent cost. This allows you to make effective adjustments that will make your apartment stand out against the others on Craigslist and get your apartment filled in no time.

Update your Listing/Repost Consistently

Again, Craigslist is a super accessible and easy to use resource. Therefore, hundreds, even thousands, of other property owners are also utilizing it to sell or rent out their properties! Don’t let your apartment get lost in the pile! Make sure to update your posting weekly (potentially daily) to maximize your visibility, as most home hunters aren’t going to make it past the 5th page of listings. However, make sure not to spam Craigslist with dozens of ads per day as it might seem somewhat fishy to users.

Correct and creative apartment marketing techniques on Craigslist could attract dozens of potential trustworthy residents to fill your property! For more tips and training, be sure to contact Class Inc. today for the best in apartment leasing services!