As the leading nationwide leasing agency, CLASS believes in supporting fair housing solutions. To this end, we work with apartment owners to ensure fairness and integrity in the overall rental community. In addition to making sure your tenants pay on time, we work with property owners to make sure you abide by fair housing practices. We offer training sessions and leasing courses to help you manage your properties better, and we make sure you are well informed about what fair housing means and what’s involved in this arena. If you own and manage low-income housing, you will especially want to work with us for win-win solutions. Reach out to CLASS today to learn how we can help you and your tenants!

  1. CLASS Response to $60,000 Fair Housing Penalty By Kristi McMillin

    Recently I came across an article about a Fair Housing lawsuit brought about in Massachusetts. The condensed version of the story is that a woman was looking for an apartment and the leasing agent asked where she was from. The woman answered the question and the visit continued. However, this woman …Read More