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When you own apartments, there can be quite a bit that’s riding on you. You’re responsible for the upkeep of your apartments and if you’re not working with a leasing service like Class, you’re responsible for everything from advertising empty flats to screening potential residents to collecting monthly rent. When you’re doing all of the landlord duties on your own with no help, the burden can be extremely heavy. It’s a good thing for you that Class can do the heavy lifting; one responsibility that you’ll keep is the upkeep and updating of your apartments.

The Importance of Updates

When you’re in between residents, what better way to make use of the empty space than by performing some updates and modernizations on your apartments. But are there some updates that are better than others? Are there some modernizations that will attract more people of the right caliber? In today’s two-part blog, we’re going to discuss some of the most valuable updates to make to your rentals to help keep them filled and ensure that you’re attracting the right kind of people. Continue reading below to learn more.

Fresh Coat of Paint

It’s amazing what a difference a new coat of paint can make to your space. Paint has been known to make apartments feel larger, cleaner, more modern, and even more expensive. It might not be the best route to pick a color that is overly bold or mega trendy because these colors don’t appeal to quite as many people as do earth tones. That being said, instead of opting for an eggshell or cream color on every wall, consider using a variety of shades of gray, cobalt, and even brown. Feel free to mix and match with the use of accent walls and trim. Just remember that neutral tones appeal to the biggest number of people.

New Flooring

As big of a difference as a fresh coat of paint can make to your rentals, your efforts might not be quite as appreciated if your flooring has seen better days. Updated flooring is one of the most profitable changes that you can make to your apartments. Did you know that many people looking for a place to rent will search for apartments with wood floors? If your apartments are currently carpeted, and especially if that carpet is five or more years old, you might want to consider upgrading to some beautiful wood floors, some laminate flooring, or vinyl flooring.



New Appliances

The addition of new appliances can make a world of difference in your apartments. As crazy as it may sound, since people are often attracted to shiny things, when you invest in new appliances, you’re setting your place up to be rented more quickly. If your stove, fridge, and dishwasher are more than ten years old, it might be more than time to get new ones. New appliances can mean higher rent prices, quicker move-ins, and longer-lasting residents.

Modern Lighting

If you’re still using the light fixtures from decades ago, it probably goes without saying that you might need to make a few updates to your lighting. Try switching out the bathroom lighting for some updated styles, giving your dining area a lighting makeover, and giving your living room some modernized light love. Updated lighting could mean a world of difference for the way your space appears and feels; consider investing in this worthwhile modernization.

Though you’ve got a lot to think about when you own rentals, there are some very smart ways to go about being a landlord. Stay tuned for part two of our blog series in which we’ll discuss more great ideas for modernizations and upgrades in your apartments or rentals.

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