Websites to Post Your Home or Apartment Listing on

Hey there, and welcome back to the Class Inc. blog. In our last post, we talked about tips to make your home or apartment listing stand out on Craigslist. Not only is Craigslist used by thousands of people, but it’s also more flexible compared to other sites that are strictly for selling and renting out homes. However, while these sites aren’t as flexible listing wise, they’re not worse by any means. In fact, their algorithms, interfaces, and usability controls are formatted for people who want to buy or rent homes as well as those that plan on selling.

As a leasing services company, we highly recommend that you learn the ins and outs of some of the more popular websites. Today, on our blog, we’re going to talk about some of the more popular sites to use and why our apartment leasing and selling consulting company recommends them.


Zillow reaches millions of users each month and it has changed the real estate game ever since it’s launching a few years ago. Not only does this site reach millions of people, but it also makes the listings easy to read and comprehend. They bold out the important home features like price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms, and square feet. Zillow also allows users to filter out listings depending on what they’re looking for, so make sure you’re being specific in your listing and including as much as possible. is specific for users seeking out apartments to lease from. Because the site is specific to leasing, the usability controls are different than sites like Zillow, which are made for both buying a house and renting one. Class Inc. likes because of how straightforward it is. Additionally, it’s good with guiding users along in the search process and the listing process, for agents and potential leasers, is comprehensive.


Hotpads is similar to Zillow in that it allows users who are either looking to buy or rent. What we like about this site, that makes it stand out, is that it features a map with icons showing where the listings are. Additionally, there is a list on the side of the map with a photo, the location, and price that users can “favorite.” This site is great for sellers and leasers as well, as long as your listing is clear and the appropriate forms are filled out. is very similar to Zillow, but we’re listing it because of how user friendly the site is. The navigation on the site makes the search process easy, as it’s landing page features a search box where users can simply type in the area that they need a home in. Because of this, we recommend emphasizing the area that your listing is located in to ensure that those looking will see it.
Thanks for reading today’s post and we hope it was helpful in helping you discover some of the more popular home listing sites on there. For leasing services and apartment marketing help, schedule training courses with Class Inc.