New Acquisition Properties Present Unique Challenges

When you become the new owner of an apartment community, you’ll likely face a number of immediate challenges. You’ll want to rent out any vacant apartments as quickly as possible while ensuring that the property is well-maintained and meets the expectations of the current residents. CLASS can assist you with a wide range of leasing services to get you up to speed quickly as a new owner. These services are tailored to your needs and can include:

  • Training you and your staff to help you ramp up quickly
  • Implementing a leasing marketing strategy that brings results
  • Serving as your experienced, knowledgeable apartment leasing consultants
  • Developing apartment vacancy solutions so you can lease up quickly and enjoy high occupancy rates

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If this sounds good to you and you can’t wait to get started, reach out to CLASS today. We’re here to provide reliable leasing services of the highest quality, filling in wherever you need help. Whether you need training to jump into your new role quickly, or you need expert assistance with marketing apartments, our leasing specialists are ready to help.

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