There’s a lot that goes into apartment leasing. If you have multiple properties, the goal is to maintain a high occupancy rate across your apartments, and this requires a certain level of expertise that goes into managing them. Even if you have just one property, you want to make sure to keep the time between when one tenant moves out and another moves in as short as possible. One key to achieving high occupancy rates is good marketing. At CLASS Inc., we provide the solutions to vacancies that you need to keep your rental income coming in predictably. Reach out to us today!

  1. Multi-Family Site Selection Due Diligence

    With the multi-family market remaining red hot, CLASS reached out to Fred Beebe of  Thomas & Hutton Engineering Co to provide some insight on Site Selection Due Diligence.   Thomas and Hutton has conducted site searches, land plans, and civil engineering for 11,000 apartment units in South…Read More

  2. Marketing Trends of 2012 (Updated) by Justin Coleman

      I was looking through some previous blog posts and came across one from last year predicting the Marketing Trends of 2012.  Since it was made exactly a year ago I figured it would be neat to see which of these trends and projections have held up over the past 12 months.  Additionally, I have pr…Read More

  3. Property Taxes: The Downside of an Up-Market

    One negative impact of the red hot Multifamily market is the increase in property taxes.  With class A and B properties frequently trading, tax assessors are provided with ammunition to re-appraise Multifamily properties.  In times of low trading and reduced property value, many assessors will onl…Read More

  4. Handling a Challenging Assignment

    Why does an apartment owner call CLASS?  While there are many answers to this question, one common theme surrounds a majority of our assignments.  They are difficult.  If it was easy our company would not be in business. As many of you have noticed, the degree of difficulty of our assignments may…Read More

  5. C’mon Man!

    With the NFL Season now upon us, I give you my version of the favorite pregame segment, C’mon Man! Here are 3 things that properties do that make me want to scream, C’mon Man! Market Rent vs Specials: Have you ever shopped a property and asked about the rents for an apartment only to hear “our…Read More

  6. The Best of the Best

    For the best sales people, it’s all about details.  While first impressions, being on time and having a great attitude are all essential to a successful assignment, the best Leasing Specialists are the ones who focus on the entire sales process, including the details.  They don’t just follow-u…Read More

  7. The New Google+ Local: Your Property’s New First Impression

    By Guest blogger and Leasing Specialist James King Recently, Google decided to ditch its Google Places site in favor of a brand new application.  The new, revamped Google+ Local integrates the best of both the Places site and the social network Google+.  Much like its prev…Read More

  8. 5 Unique Way to Follow Up With Your Prospects

    5 Unique ways to follow up on a prospect There is no doubt that internet has drastically altered the buying patterns of today’s renter.   One such change is an extension of the “search time” or the period of time from when a prospect starts looking for an apartment to the time that they actu…Read More

  9. Best of the Best

      Here are a few Leasing Specialists who deserve some recognition for their EXCELLENT work this past week. Victoria Enchill.  Victoria came into an urban community in Southern Chicago that was having a very hard time getting qualified traffic through the doors.  Through her marketing efforts and …Read More