Have you had a chance to check out our latest blog yet? We discussed a couple of things that you should include in every rental listing that you post. We talked about including a picture, talking about the specifics of your unit and the specifics of your complex as a whole. We aren’t done yet! When it comes to leasing up, you should always include these last few items in all of your rental listings:

  • Amenities- Your complex’s amenities are what make you so different and desirable. Start off your list with the best feature that you offer, whether it be a fully equipped gym or a steamy hot tub, you will attract the best residents with the best features.
  • What’s nearby- People don’t spend all of their time at home, and they want to know what is around. Talk about the neighborhood, as well as all of the wonderful things that are nearby. Things you should include: nightlife, restaurants, libraries, schools, parks, coffee shops, shopping centers, etc.
  • Headline- Headlines are the first things people see when they look at your ad, and if yours doesn’t make the cut, they are likely to move on. Include, monthly rent, number of bedrooms, number of baths, neighborhood and one outstanding feature in your headline. For example: $1100 Spacious Two Bedroom, One Bathroom Unit for Rent in the Beautiful Highlands –Washer and Dryer Included in Every Unit!
  • Be descriptive- Last but certainly not least, you should be as descriptive as you can be. Great descriptive words for units include: spacious, modern, vintage, private, quiet, cozy, well-lit, tasteful, newly renovated, etc. If your team isn’t up to the challenge, don’t be afraid to hire a professional writer to get the job done for you.