There’s a lot that goes into apartment leasing. If you have multiple properties, the goal is to maintain a high occupancy rate across your apartments, and this requires a certain level of expertise that goes into managing them. Even if you have just one property, you want to make sure to keep the time between when one tenant moves out and another moves in as short as possible. One key to achieving high occupancy rates is good marketing. At CLASS Inc., we provide the solutions to vacancies that you need to keep your rental income coming in predictably. Reach out to us today!

  1. The perfect compliment to interim financing

    Time and time again, CLASS has proven to be the perfect complement to interim financing on new acquisitions.   A bridge loan may be the perfect lending vehicle to help secure underperforming or unstabilized assets, however it leaves the owner in a precarious situation during lease-up.  Many of th…Read More

  2. Making A Model Apartment Feel Like Home

    It’s always interesting going into a new apartment community and seeing the model for the first time. There have been countless times where I have been blown away by the attentiveness to detail, the collaboration of colors and the clever placement of furniture. On the flip side, there have been ti…Read More

  3. The future of Multifamily

      Looking out the window of my flight into Atlanta the other day, I was struck by the massive amounts of unfinished subdivisions and what they can mean for the future of Multifamily.  In the Atlanta area alone, there are over 1,500 unfinished subdivisions representing tens of thousands of vacant l…Read More

  4. It’s time to increase your rents!

    Why do people only ask about price when inquiring about an apartment?  The most likely answer is that leasing consultants have conditioned them to do so.  When someone is only giving out a price or special over the phone, we are telling our prospects that price is the most important factor in choo…Read More

  5. Student Housing: What Do Students and Parents Want?

      At the NAA Student Housing Conference and Expo this year, a game of Family Feud was put together pitting five University of Las Vegas students versus five parents from that school in the ultimate showdown of student housing.  The responses to the game were based upon "11,195 college students and…Read More

  6. Apartment Lease-up Case Study

    Property overview:  New construction class A property in an extremely saturated Jacksonville FL. market.  The property was located in a less then desirable location which led to under qualified traffic.  A majority of the prospects that toured were looking for a price point well below the asking …Read More