Part of successfully marketing, leasing, and filling the apartments in your community means keeping them clean when they’re vacant. While most leases require the residents to clean the home before they leave, the reality is that many residents don’t do as thorough a job as you might like. It’s not uncommon for many apartment community managers to hire a cleaning service to clean the apartments after a resident moves out. But if you’ve chosen to clean your apartments instead, Class Inc. has identified the most common spots that residents forget to clean as they move out. With these spots identified, you can keep your apartments sparkling clean from top to bottom.

Behind The Toilet

For most residents, cleaning the toilet means wiping down the tank and scrubbing out the bowl. While this might pass the 10-foot rule, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice accumulated dirt, dust, and hair at the base of the toilet, and behind it as well. Cleaning this area can completely transform the appearance of not only the toilet but the whole bathroom.

The Tops Of Door Frames And Baseboards

With time, you might notice fingerprints start to develop on your doors, and so you clean them away. But we rarely think about the tops of our door frames. These spaces rapidly accumulate dust and dirt, and if left unchecked, quickly become unsightly. A quick pass with a damp cloth cleans the frames up quickly. Similarly, many pay attention to the condition of the floor itself, but not the baseboards. They are the victim of marks from shoes, dings from furniture, and much more. Use a magic eraser type product, or even some plain cleaning spray and a soft cloth to wipe away the marks and grime that build up on your baseboards.

Light Switches

Light switches are some of the most frequently used items in a home, which also means that they are some of the dirtiest. Take a few minutes to deep clean them by scrubbing down the switch itself, as well as the baseplate with a disinfectant. You’ll be surprised by how much the color of the light switch brightens after just one wipe down.

Around Appliances

Because they are often tucked into corners or nooks, the area around, behind, and beneath appliances are often overlooked by cleaners. Make sure to pull the appliances away from the wall, and thoroughly clean these areas. Refrigerators often have dirt, hair, and dust piled up under them. Stoves and ranges leave pools of crumbs and grease around them. Cleaning up around your appliances makes for a happier and healthier kitchen.

The Washing Machine

If your apartments offer washing machines to their residents, you’ll want to take some time and clean these appliances. Mold can build up easily in the washing machine if it isn’t allowed to air out after each load. But with some baking soda and vinegar, or a specialty product, you can quickly clean up your washer.

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