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If you’ve been a landlord for a long time and you’re committed to your “good old” way of doing things, or you’re a new landlord and you feel like you’re in way over your head, it is easy to miss out on some important steps in the leasing process simply because you didn’t know any better. Things like potential resident background checks, how much to ask for rent, advertising, and so many other concepts go into being a successful landlord; it’s easy to leave something out. But since your rental or rental units are part of your income, you know how serious it is that you take the need for improvement seriously.

Marketing to The Right Renter

When it comes to your apartments or townhomes, it’s vital that you know how and if the word is getting out about what you’re offering. What’s more, it’s vital that word is getting out to the people that you want to reach. We all know there are great renters, okay renters, and horrible “why did I rent to them?” renters. The great renters pay their rent early, do everything they can to take excellent care of their apartment, and communicate well with you regarding all things rental. The okay renters usually pay their rent on time, their apartments might require a little bit of extra carpet cleaning and painting when they move out, but they’re not so bad. The renters that we all want to steer clear of are the ones who don’t pay their rent, trash their apartment, and leave you fearing for your sanity and maybe even your safety.

Since you can’t control the bad choices that your renters may make, all you have to go on is the background check you perform before you rent to them, and the marketing you do to attract the right kind of renters.

Marketing is huge for attracting the kind of renters whom you would consider the “great renters.” With the use of the right terminology, the right amenities, and the right prices, you’ll be able to get the residents who will help make your life easier.

Work With the Experts

If you’re curious about how marketing can help you get the great residents, contact us at Class! We’d love to come in and help you with every step of the rental process. Let us take the time to get to know you, your expectations, your strategy, and get started on making you consistent money. Contact Class now!