No matter where you are, there’s never a shortage of people who are looking for a place to live, and as the owner of an apartment complex or a vacant building, it’s up to you to find the best ways to create compelling value for these people. There are many choices you can make which can appeal to prospective leasers, or drive them away. One of the biggest factors for many people is pets. By providing a pet-friendly clause in your leasing services, you have a lot to gain — but it doesn’t come without its challenges.

If you’re looking for apartment vacancy solutions, consider the following ways that pet support can help you out. In part two, we’ll look at some of the downsides of pets.

Pets Bring a Lot More People to the Table

The most immediate benefit of pets is that they greatly open up the pool of people who may be willing to enter a lease agreement with you. Pet friendliness is often the sole deciding factor that people consider before anything else — those who are fiercely loyal to their canine and feline friends will cross any apartment off their list that won’t allow them to live together.

If general outreach is a struggle you have, consider implementing pet-friendly policies! If marketed well, this could be highly attractive to many potential leaseholders.

Pets Create Comradery and Community

You’ll never know the unspoken kinship that dog owners have with each other until you own a dog yourself. Dog owners love chatting with each other, letting their pups play together, and becoming generally acquainted if they see each other on the premises fairly often. A sense of community can be a great way to create long-lasting tenants who are happy to renew their leases each year.

Pets Can Create More Revenue

It’s a common trend for pet-friendly apartments to charge more for pets. While every building owner has their own preferred method, you’re generally looking at an up-front pet deposit, monthly pet rent, or both of those combined.

As a building owner, you’re taking inherent risks by allowing pets to roam free inside. This allows you to charge more, and the good news is that you often end up pocketing this extra money if the tenant in question is a responsible pet owner who doesn’t allow the apartment to become damaged.

Apartment Vacancy Solutions

Pets, while they have their downsides, can be a very effective way to bring more tenants to your property. Do you want to know whether or not pets would be right for you? We urge you to contact Class Leasing today if you’re looking for apartment vacancy solutions. We’ve worked with countless building owners to provide effective and powerful ways to fill up the empty apartments that aren’t making you any money.

Pets are just one of many ways that you can fill up your vacancies. At Class Leasing, we provide highly customized solutions that are tailored to our clients’ needs. We’ll take a look at every single factor that may be contributing to your problem and launch an effective action plan that will address each of them one by one. Are you ready to have new renters? Contact us today!