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  1. Tough Property? No such thing to a CLASS Leasing Specialist!

    At CLASS the job is never easy. Assignments are never a chance for our Leasing Specialists to kick back and watch the leases roll in. In fact, it’s the opposite. CLASS is only called to properties with leasing problems where help is necessary. That’s why today we are going to focus on Leasing Sp…Read More

  2. Making the Most of Apartment Photos By Kristi McMillin

    Of the two photos above, which one are you drawn to? As a prospect, which one would prompt you to pick up the phone or visit the leasing office? More than likely its photo #2 and it’s not a difficult choice to see why.  The second photo is visually appealing to the eye and allows the prospect to …Read More

  3. When The Power Goes Out! Leasing Tips….

    I was recently in Baltimore MD and had a few minutes to spare before flying home to Atlanta.  So I decided to swing in and shop a brand new class A property near the airport.  While the property was nothing short of impressive, here are a few tips for the leasing agent that showed me around. Stop …Read More

  4. Craigslist Changes It’s Rules: by Justin Williams

    Craigslist has recently made adjustments to their site which have some apartment communities upset. Agents are no longer allowed to post “enhanced listings” which some feel will have major implications to the amount of traffic they can drive in. RELAX. While the changes will surely force the adv…Read More

  5. What You Can Learn From a Gum Commercial By Kristi McMillin

    Throughout the years, gum has been marketed and sold the same way. Ads about fresh breath and oral health have been ingrained in our brains. However, because of the redundancy and the economy, gum sales have dropped significantly. As the result of this Wrigley decided to take a risk and step away fr…Read More

  6. Responding to a Negative Facebook Post

    Facebook can be the ultimate marketing paradox. While it affords apartment communities the opportunity to engage and connect with both prospective renters and residents, it can also become a forum for people to post negative comments about the property or staff. So what is the best way to handle a n…Read More

  7. An Apartment Shopping Experience by Kristi McMillin

    The Secret to Leasing isn't a Secret                 This past weekend I scoured the Atlanta area looking for an apartment for myself. After leasing to other people for a couple years I was looking forward to sitting back and having someone sell to me for once! However, what I experie…Read More

  8. 3 Ways to Use Vine and Instagram at Your Property

    As Social Media progressively asserts itself into the everyday lives of our prospects and residents, apartment marketers are always looking for a new way to leverage a property’s Twitter, Facebook or Google + page into a viable marketing and retention tool.  With the recent launch of Twitter’s …Read More