Welcome back to our blog series about the good and bad of being a pet-friendly apartment! Indeed, while there are many advantages to being pet-friendly, there are also some downsides that you should be aware of. This is not an attempt to dissuade you from providing pet support — rather, we’ve written this post so you can consider both the good and the bad in order to determine whether or not pet support is right for your building.

Here are some of the downsides of being a pet-friendly apartment!

It Can Cost You Money

In part one of this blog series, we mentioned how one of the perks of pet support is the fact that they can make you more revenue. While this is true, unfortunately, it can also go the opposite way.

Pets, as we all know, can cause property damage. Dogs love to chew and their antics sometimes necessitate carpet replacement. Cats aggressively spread their dander all over their territory, requiring a thorough and deep cleanse in order to make the space safe for allergy-ridden residents in the future. And, of course, both of these animals have ammonia-infested urine which digs deep into whatever material they leave it on. If that happens often enough, things will need to be replaced.

As the landlord, you have the option of making the tenants pay a pet deposit which covers damages, but sometimes it might not actually be enough. This is where it’s helpful to consult with a company like Class Leasing to create a pet agreement that works best for you.

Pets Create Potential for Legal Problems

When you go into pet-friendly territory, you’re opening the door to legal squabbles that could occur on your property. Naturally, you’ll have a clause in your lease agreement that protects you from liability, but even if you take all the right legal precautions, it’s still a giant headache if a dispute ends up happening.

Accidents happen with pets — unleashed dogs can wreak havoc and harm people. Apartment damaged caused by pets might be disputed by tenants. There are all kinds of scenarios where pets can cause logistical and legal issues, so be prepared for the worst and hope for the best.

Pet-Friendly Rules Can Be Abused

Unfortunately, as honest and forthcoming as people might appear to be, there are countless people who wouldn’t miss an opportunity to abuse the systems that govern them. In this case, you’ll find that people can take advantage of your pet agreement in ways that they shouldn’t.

As an example, many apartment complexes have a pet limit. If you impose a limit of two pets on the premises, many will obey these rules. On the other hand, you’ll have people that think, “how hard will it be for them to notice I have a third cat if I already agreed to having two?” And this is true — it can be hard to discern whether people are sneaking extra pets in. As a counterexample, it would be much easier to detect a secret dog or cat in a building where pets are entirely prohibited.

Apartment Vacancy Solutions

We hope this blog series has been informative in helping you consider the merits of pet-friendly lease agreements. But if you’re still unsure, Class Leasing would be happy to provide guidance and other apartment vacancy solutions. We’ve helped hundreds of landlords to fill their empty apartments, and we can create a custom plan that’s uniquely tailored to your specific circumstances. Tired of vacancies? Contact us today to get started!