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4 Things Your Leasing Staff

Should Be Doing

In a high-paced field like the real estate leasing industry, there are certain skill sets of successful leasing agents. They’re constantly dealing with people, and in most cases, the only thing standing between the prospect and a signed lease agreement is how well the agent can do their job. The following are some of the most essential things your leasing staff must be doing to excel at their roles.

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Think Like a Salesman

As a leasing agent, your staff should know that their work is not just to lease; they are selling to potential renters. They’re asking a prospect to trust them enough to sign the lease to a vacant apartment and make it their new home. Doing this takes some sales skills that every one of your leasing staff must master.

Focus On Helping the Client

While it is true that a leasing agent should think like a salesman, the problem is that no one likes being sold to. The way to find the balance is by focusing on helping the prospect rather than reciting a sales pitch. They must try to find out who the prospect is, what they’re looking for, why they’re moving and any other information that might be beneficial.

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One of the leasing best practices that an agent must master is the art of listening. It’s one of the biggest secrets to making sales. Every sales professional knows this; the best information you will need to close a deal will most likely be revealed when you’re silent, not when you are frantically talking over the client. Your leasing staff should show genuine interest in having a conversation with the prospects to understand their needs.

Follow Up Intelligently

When your leasing staff fails to follow up with a prospect, they’re only setting up the deal for someone else. The prospective tenant will lease eventually, just maybe not from you. The trick is to try to find out why they’re not making that decision right away. By following up, you will position yourself to convince them to stop stalling or make them a deal that changes their mind.

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