1. Don’t forget the parents!

    With all the talk about marketing and leasing to college students, we often find that a critical decision maker is left out of the sales process.  I’m talking about the parents.  You know, the folks who are actually writing the rent check.  While the property must first appeal to the student in…Read More

  2. Are you ready for the Facebook Graph Search? by James King

    "Below guest blogger and CLASS Leasing Specialists James King weighs in on the new changes to Facebook: The team at Facebook has finally thrown down the gauntlet and is poised to show the world that it can hold its own against search engine giant, Google. Early in January, Facebook announced its ne…Read More

  3. Proactive Apartment Leasing

    Are you proactive?  One of the things that separate the top business people from the rest of the population is their ability to identify what needs to be done on a project.  Most of the nation’s workforce will wait around until they are told what to do.  But those top people will walk into a …Read More

  4. The perfect compliment to interim financing

    Time and time again, CLASS has proven to be the perfect complement to interim financing on new acquisitions.   A bridge loan may be the perfect lending vehicle to help secure underperforming or unstabilized assets, however it leaves the owner in a precarious situation during lease-up.  Many of th…Read More

  5. Student Housing: What Do Students and Parents Want?

      At the NAA Student Housing Conference and Expo this year, a game of Family Feud was put together pitting five University of Las Vegas students versus five parents from that school in the ultimate showdown of student housing.  The responses to the game were based upon "11,195 college students and…Read More