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  1. Getting Comfortable with ‘No’

    “Are you comfortable hearing the word ‘no’?”  This is a question often asked during the leasing agent interview process and while most interviewees say they’re exceedingly comfortable with rejection, the reality is that few are. With the industry’s average closing ratio hovering around …Read More

  2. How to Handle Unhappy Residents

    It can happen at a moment’s notice: Your leasing agent is sitting with a prospect, hopefully describing all the great benefits of living at your community, when an unhappy resident bursts into the leasing office to frantically express their distaste for some recent occurrence.  This is no time to…Read More

  3. Expert Tips on Photos in Listings

    Did you get a chance to read our last blog yet? If you did then you already know how important it is to put professional photos into your listings. We also talked about a couple of things that you do to make your photos look better, like taking photos of the apartment while its empty and utilizing a…Read More

  4. Communication is Key

    Leasing up a new construction community is much different than simply filling empty apartments at established communities. The process is riddled with unforeseen barriers that can be minuscule, yet time consuming, for the management. There are many people involved and a lot of moving parts, so it i…Read More

  5. Why Your Residents Are Leaving | CLASS Leasing Services

    With our years of unrivaled experience helping increase occupancy for our clients and their properties, CLASS has become a sought after resource and partner for apartment operators and those in need of leasing services. When you get great residents in your property, you want to  keep them as long a…Read More