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  1. Aparment Living: What About Generation X?

      With the apartment industry still positively trending with record low vacancies and consistent rent growth, much of the focus and success has been contributed directly to Millennials and Baby Boomers.  Though this is predominantly the case, not much seems to be said about the generation in betwe…Read More

  2. Leasing Tips And Suggestions: When Renters Have Issues and Concerns

    Class Inc. is a national leader in leasing services. We offer hands-on services and staff training. We are the apartment marketing consultants to call when you have vacancy issues. Our number one tip for anyone already leasing or wanting to begin leasing their property is to always be willing to lis…Read More

  3. Need marketing materials? Canva will help you design them.

    When it comes to graphic design, my tool box is pretty light. The beautiful work that comes from graphic designers never ceases to amaze me. The stunning visual content they provide is appealing to any business owner. Professionally done design work and marketing materials can help drive traffic to …Read More

  4. Why is the NBA Advertising on HGTV?

    The last place you would expect to see a commercial for the National Basketball Association would be during Nick at Nite on Nickelodeon or during an episode of House Hunters on HGTV. However, according to Ad Age, the NBA will begin advertising on these television channels as part of a new strategy t…Read More

  5. 3 Helpful Tools To Implement At Your Apartment Community

    In working at communities all across the country, we are constantly on the lookout when it comes to finding new and creative leasing tools that can be implemented.  Not all tools that work in one market are necessarily guaranteed to work in every market, so this is a continuous trial by fire proce…Read More

  6. Proof Our Leasing Services Work

    CLASS has been in the leasing industry for over 30 years, and during that time we've established ourselves as the leader in leasing consultation and vacancy solutions. Even after all these years, though, new clients still want to know if what we do actually works. We understand--leasing your propert…Read More

  7. Why Rent? 2/2

    Class Inc. is the nationwide leader in leasing. We offer vacancy solutions that include training your staff with the techniques to increase occupancy. In our last blog we started discussing how renting can be more advantageous than buying and will continue this week. We hope these selling points are…Read More

  8. Why Rent?

    Class Inc. has over 30 years of experience training a productive sales force of property leasing specialists that can tackle all your leasing needs. It has taken a few years but the lending market is beginning to loosen up again and banks are beginning to give more loans to prospective homeowners. B…Read More

  9. Ad Copy: An Art and A Science

    As a leasing professional, your first contact with prospective residents is often the ad copy advertising your community. It is important to make a good impression because your words alone could decide whether or not the prospect calls or visits the community. We've put together a few tips on how to…Read More

  10. Class Inc: a Comprehensive Leasing Agent

    Class Inc. is a comprehensive leasing agent. Since 1984, we’ve helped property owners find not just the enough  residents, but the right residents. We also offer staff training services to ensure a quality of service for you and your residents. From new construction up-leasing to condo-conversion…Read More