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  1. Multifamily Insurance Marketplace Update

    CLASS is pleased to have guest blogger Michael Shadeed of Franklin Street Insurance Services provide us with an insurance marketplace update. "As apartment owners, you are part of one of the most volatile insurance marketplaces in the country, with coverage options and pricing continuously in flux.…Read More

  2. Don’t forget the parents!

    With all the talk about marketing and leasing to college students, we often find that a critical decision maker is left out of the sales process.  I’m talking about the parents.  You know, the folks who are actually writing the rent check.  While the property must first appeal to the student in…Read More

  3. Are you ready for the Facebook Graph Search? by James King

    "Below guest blogger and CLASS Leasing Specialists James King weighs in on the new changes to Facebook: The team at Facebook has finally thrown down the gauntlet and is poised to show the world that it can hold its own against search engine giant, Google. Early in January, Facebook announced its ne…Read More

  4. Leasing Tips: Avoid The Price Question

    What is the first thing that your prospects ask on the phone when they call your property? Chances are it is “how much are your apartments?” I would venture to guess that over 80% of apartment inquiries start with that question. However, a majority of these same prospects have most likely search…Read More