A picture has always been worth a thousand words, but in this society, it is worth your business: It has become more important than ever to convey a lot of information in a short amount of time. Having visual and concise marketing is one of the keys of apartment vacancy solutions. Here are some basic ideas as to how to appeal to the senses of prospective residents in a busy world:

Bullet Points

Most people want to get the most important information as quickly as possible, such as how big the apartment is, amenities, the number of rooms, etc. Bullet points with one to two sentences are great for getting a list of information across in a short amount of time. You have less you have to write, and your clients will appreciate your conciseness, a win-win for all! Another winning combination is in a couple sentences talking about the overall feel of your apartment community with a couple bullet points below with basic information.


Before someone drives to view your apartment community, they want to know their trip is worthwhile. Listed vacant apartments need to have at least one picture of the exterior of the community,  several pictures of the interior that give a good idea of what the apartment looks like, and pictures of amenities. And if you are going to take pictures, whenever possible, invest in a professional photographer. Professional pictures show prospective residents that you handle your community with professionalism and that you can provide a happy, peaceful, sanctuary-like community for your residents.

Show Furnished

Show pictures of apartments that are furnished to not only show the size of the apartments, but to also show off your apartments! Pictures with up-to-date furnishings can help prospective residents see how your apartment could not only be their next place to live, but their next home. Having pictures of a furnished apartment may improve the quality of residents and may shorten the length of time for a prospective resident to apply and possibly move into a vacant apartment.

Show Floorplan

Another way to draw attention to your listing is a visual image of the apartment’s floorplans. Again, because you can show your potential resident a lot in a couple seconds with a visual, they will be more apt to seriously pursue your listing and apply faster, because you’ve given them enough information to make a preliminary decision: your apartment is one they are interested in.


Videos can make or break your listing. If your video is short, under five minutes, and professionally produced, it can effectively show what your community is about. In your video, show what the grounds of your community look like, explore the amenities, and show an apartment furnished. A video can show more than pictures because you can not only show perspective, but you can appeal to two senses instead of just one: sight and sound. Use video that to your advantage!

Clean Layout

A website with a clean layout and clear tabs and call-to-action buttons will win applications and residents every time. When a prospective resident visits your website, they want to find what they need and find it quickly. If your website is hard to navigate, your management may appear to be less professional.

The most important thing is to put yourself in your prospective client’s shoes: If you were them, what would they be looking for? And, how would you go about getting the information that they need?

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