1. Facebook Smart Lists

    So with all of the initial hoopla that came about when Google+ was created and how it was going to rival Facebook with the possibility of a potential social media takeover of Mark Zuckerberg's giant, it appears that Google+ has finally at least stirred up the pot at Facebook to force some const…Read More

  2. Facebook and Twitter: By The Numbers

    It is with no hesitation to say that Facebook is one of the most successful websites ever made and this is said without any form of specific profitability to base it upon since Facebook is still a private company.  Just as Facebook has gained success from a user stand point, so to has Twitter, but …Read More

  3. Marketing Trends For 2012

    With the beginning of a new year yet again quickly upon us, it is time to start gearing towards the mindset of how 2012 will be different than 2011.  How will the apartment industry be different?  What marketing will come to fruition as the front-runner in success and what marketing will take to t…Read More

  4. Quick Facebook Page Tip

    Now that you have created a Facebook page for your apartment community (do so now if you haven't!), the easy part is now complete.  The hard part begins now that you have to remain adamant in staying actively involved on the page, or else your Facebook page will become obsolete. A new twist that…Read More

  5. Separate Yourself From The Competition

    It is very rare for a prospective resident to call only one apartment community, schedule an appointment, visit that property and move-in after the visit without shopping any other communities.  We are a price conscientious society in that every person, regardless of the item looking to be purcha…Read More

  6. Increasing Craigslist Leads

    During the marketing portion of our training, one of the most important topics that I thoroughly cover is the posting of Craigslist ads for apartments. Craigslist is an incredibly advantageous marketing tool, because not only is it effective, but most importantly, it is absolutely free! There are ma…Read More

  7. A quick tip to get prospects in the door

    One of the hardest and most frustrating tasks in leasing is getting a prospect to show up for an appointment.  Let's face it, leasing consultants get stood up more often than Ted Nugent on a vegan dating site.  We can set appointments, but prospects do not respect the appointment time.  They are…Read More

  8. Marketing Your Community To Students

    It's that time of the year again. The weather is finally starting to cool down...a little. Soon the leaves on the trees will start to change to the fall colors. College football will once again consume every second of my Saturday afternoons, which also means that college campuses just recently start…Read More

  9. Taking The High Road

    The customer is always right. This is a slogan that is basically taught from the beginning to all employees in every business.  After all it is the customers that determine the success or demise of a company, because without customers purchasing/using product then there is no revenue stream for a …Read More

  10. 10 Things About Steve Jobs

    I had to get this article up for a blog post in lieu of Steve Jobs stepping down as the CEO of Apple. As someone that basically created a VERY LARGE something from nothing, Steve Jobs could be viewed as an example up someone living up to the slogan "the American Dream." Upon being diagnosed with p…Read More