1. How A Leasing Company Can Make Your Life Easier, Pt 2

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  2. How A Leasing Company Can Make Your Life Easier, Pt 1

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  3. How Important is Marketing for Getting Your Place Rented?

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  4. Common Myths About Leasing Companies

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  5. Residents Who Pay, Residents Who Stay

    Here at Class, we’re constantly amazed at the number of people who are still trying to do it all on their own. They’re running their own adds in the local newspaper, they’re trying to screen applicants with software they hope is accurate, and they are trying to do every aspect of property mana…Read More

  6. Important Updates For Your Rentals, Pt 2

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  7. Important Updates For Your Rentals

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  8. How to Make Sure Your Apartments Never Stay Empty

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  9. Renting to the Right People

    The benefits of renting to responsible people and how to do it. The value of your property is dependent on much more than just the property itself. As a landlord or property management company, it’s your job to make sure that the people who are going to rent from you are going to have a positive i…Read More

  10. Websites to Post Your Listing On

    Websites to Post Your Home or Apartment Listing on Hey there, and welcome back to the Class Inc. blog. In our last post, we talked about tips to make your home or apartment listing stand out on Craigslist. Not only is Craigslist used by thousands of people, but it’s also more flexible compared to …Read More