1. Making A Model Apartment Feel Like Home

    It’s always interesting going into a new apartment community and seeing the model for the first time. There have been countless times where I have been blown away by the attentiveness to detail, the collaboration of colors and the clever placement of furniture. On the flip side, there have been ti…Read More

  2. The future of Multifamily

      Looking out the window of my flight into Atlanta the other day, I was struck by the massive amounts of unfinished subdivisions and what they can mean for the future of Multifamily.  In the Atlanta area alone, there are over 1,500 unfinished subdivisions representing tens of thousands of vacant l…Read More

  3. It’s time to increase your rents!

    Why do people only ask about price when inquiring about an apartment?  The most likely answer is that leasing consultants have conditioned them to do so.  When someone is only giving out a price or special over the phone, we are telling our prospects that price is the most important factor in choo…Read More

  4. Apartment Lease-up Case Study

    Property overview:  New construction class A property in an extremely saturated Jacksonville FL. market.  The property was located in a less then desirable location which led to under qualified traffic.  A majority of the prospects that toured were looking for a price point well below the asking …Read More

  5. Speed Roommating

      If you are like me, when you first read the words paired together for the title of this blog, you probably did a double take as the word after "speed" was not "dating."  Also if you are just like me, the combination of these two words paired together made you click on, in this case, the blog, w…Read More

  6. Resident Retention Strategies

    A constant battle that property managers and on-site teams face at apartment communities is to keep the occupancy pendulum swinging in the positive direction each month.  The goal is to always have more move-ins then move-outs via increased leasing coming in and reduced vacancies coming up at the e…Read More

  7. What Apartment Renters Want…

    In the apartment industry it is every single person's duty, from the apartment developers all the way to the maintenance workers, to figure out what the renters want.  In addition once these needs are identified, it is equally as important, if not more important to be able to supply renters with as…Read More

  8. Apartment Amenities And Leasing

    Last summer Apartment Guide released a list of the Top 15 apartment amenities that prospects searched for on ApartmentGuide.com.  Although this list cannot be used as a universal guide for all apartment prospects and will definitely vary depending on property type and location, it is still an in…Read More

  9. Apartment Leasing And Locators

    If you are currently in an city where locators are predominantly used by prospects, then it is in your best interest to establish a strong relationship with as many locators as possible. Locators are looking to accomplish two things: they want to find the ideal apartment for these prospects based u…Read More