Last summer Apartment Guide released a list of the Top 15 apartment amenities that prospects searched for on  Although this list cannot be used as a universal guide for all apartment prospects and will definitely vary depending on property type and location, it is still an interesting list nonetheless.  Most individuals will find the most surprising thing about this list is the fact that the “bells and whistles” amenities (i.e., Fitness Center and Swimming Pool) are at the very bottom of the list!  This proves a terrific point that prospects are typically looking for things that pertain directly to their actual apartment, because that is where they will be spending all of their time.  Yes, the amenities at a community are an important feature, because if you were to ask most residents at a community how their community is, most of the time the response will be something about the pools, fitness centers, etc.  In actuality, the typical community resident uses the amenities vary sparingly in comparison to how much time is actually spent in their apartment home.  Prospects rent for the apartment home and not solely because of the types of extravagant amenities at the community.  With that being said here is what Apartment Guide found that prospects were searching for:

1. Washer and Dryer in Apartment
2. Pets Allowed
3. Air Conditioning
4. Some Paid Utilities
5. Washer and Dryer Connections
6. Dishwasher
7. Balcony
8. Garage
9. Cable Ready
10. Furnished Available
11. Fitness Center
12. Swimming Pool
13. Short Term Lease Available
14. Gated Access
15. Over sized Closets

Which amenities on this list come as the biggest surprise to you?