1. Case Study, Spring 2014 Rehab Re-position Property

    PROPERTY OVERVIEW: The subject property is a class B high rise whose first 3 floors were renovated into high end luxury apartments.  These 60 rehab units were upgraded with top of the line finishes and priced well above the local market rate which created one of the more challenging lease-ups we ha…Read More

  2. The Power of a Checklist By Kristi McMillin

    As simple as the concept may seem checklists are utilized in some of the most complex and respected industries in the world. From surgeons to pilots to lawyers, checklists have been shown to greatly reduce mistakes and increase proficiency. In any profession or process, breakdown can occur if tasks …Read More

  3. CLASS Product Review: ApartmentList.com

    One of the many amazing things about Google is their ability to successfully compete for market share in such a wide variety of spaces, platforms and products. Today, ApartmentList.com  is becoming the “Google” of apartment searches  as their platform seems to both complement and potentially c…Read More

  4. 5 Ways To Increase International Student Leases By Justin Coleman

      When it comes to leasing in student housing, gearing a large amount of time and effort towards marketing to international students can really help to fill a community quickly.  The number of international students studying abroad in the States continues to climb each year with 764,321 in the 201…Read More


    PROPERTY OVERVIEW: The subject property was a class B community struggling with a reputation issue. To overcome this hurdle management began rehabbing the community, but the investment was not transferring to leasing activity. Well into the rehab, the property was sitting at an occupancy of just 63%…Read More

  6. Best of the Best: The Power of Positivity

    At CLASS we strive to create a culture based on the belief that your attitude controls your outcome. We strongly believe that by having a positive mental attitude you can achieve great things. Not only does our management team value positivity, but we pass on the importance of having a positive ment…Read More

  7. CLASS Results: 164% Increase in Leasing Activity

    PROPERTY OVERVIEW: The subject property was a student property struggling with high staff turnover and static leasing activity. With only a little over 2 months remaining before the school year began, the property was sitting at an occupancy of just 23%. From January to July the property had been pr…Read More