1. Tough Property? No such thing to a CLASS Leasing Specialist!

    At CLASS the job is never easy. Assignments are never a chance for our Leasing Specialists to kick back and watch the leases roll in. In fact, it’s the opposite. CLASS is only called to properties with leasing problems where help is necessary. That’s why today we are going to focus on Leasing Sp…Read More

  2. Resident Retention: As Easy as 300-200-100

    One of the biggest selling features of today’s property management software is the efficiency and time saving steps that these systems provide our onsite teams.  Yet where does the spare time go?  The ratio of onsite staff to number of units managed has barely changed over the years, yet we have…Read More

  3. CLASS Results: 28% Occupancy Bump in 45 Days

       PROPERTY OVERVIEW: The subject property was a student property struggling with high staff turnover and static leasing activity. With an occupancy just shy of 50%, the property was 20 percentage points behind its competitors due in large part to the inconsistent office staff and high turnover. F…Read More

  4. Making the Most of Apartment Photos By Kristi McMillin

    Of the two photos above, which one are you drawn to? As a prospect, which one would prompt you to pick up the phone or visit the leasing office? More than likely its photo #2 and it’s not a difficult choice to see why.  The second photo is visually appealing to the eye and allows the prospect to …Read More

  5. The Best of the Best

    What separates a CLASS Leasing Specialist from the typical leasing agent is the ability to go exceed the expectations set out for them. We tell our clients that they should expect leasing numbers to increase anywhere from double to triple what they’re currently receiving. Although that is a tall o…Read More

  6. CLASS Results: CLASS generates $150K in 30 days!

    PROPERTY OVERVIEW: The subject property was a luxury community newly constructed in the summer of 2013. From August 15th to January 15th the property had secured 57 approved leases. The monthly leasing velocity had plateaued at 13 leases/month. The property contained 200 units at an average rent o…Read More

  7. CLASS Response to $60,000 Fair Housing Penalty By Kristi McMillin

    Recently I came across an article about a Fair Housing lawsuit brought about in Massachusetts. The condensed version of the story is that a woman was looking for an apartment and the leasing agent asked where she was from. The woman answered the question and the visit continued. However, this woman …Read More

  8. When The Power Goes Out! Leasing Tips….

    I was recently in Baltimore MD and had a few minutes to spare before flying home to Atlanta.  So I decided to swing in and shop a brand new class A property near the airport.  While the property was nothing short of impressive, here are a few tips for the leasing agent that showed me around. Stop …Read More

  9. Training Tip: Focus on Role-Playing By Kristi McMillin

    Think back to the last time you shopped an apartment community. At the end of your tour, did the leasing agent try to close the sale or merely give you an application and let you walk out the door? I’m willing to bet it was the latter. There may be a few different factors that led to the lackluste…Read More