apartment list

One of the many amazing things about Google is their ability to successfully compete for market share in such a wide variety of spaces, platforms and products. Today, ApartmentList.com  is becoming the “Google” of apartment searches  as their platform seems to both complement and potentially challenge a wide variety of entities like call centers, ILS’s, locators and even Craigslist.

ApartmentList’s biggest advantage is their commitment and mastery of mobile. The volume of mobile apartment searches continues to climb and ApartmentList has the inside track when it comes to targeting these renters. Their pricing is a “pay per tour” model that incorporates a San Francisco based call center where their team works with an “agent to the renter” mentality in order to find the right property for the prospect and ultimately set up a tour. Geo-tech capabilities associated with their mobile platform can then allow ApartmentList.com to see when a prospect has arrived at a property and help clarify the often murky lead attribution dilemma.

The result is a qualified prospect delivered to your community at a fee of $99.00. These prospects arrive at the community both prepared and prequalified to lease, thus drastically increasing the properties closing ratio. The result is a significant reduction in a property’s cost per lease.

ApartmentList.com also boasts a new review generation function, a roommate matching app and many other unique platforms that help make it one of the more robust lease generation entities in the online search space. I know everyone at CLASS will be watching their progress with much interest.