CLASS is very honored to have guest blogger and Student Housing Consultant Michael Coakley join us to weigh in on the amenity arms race that we are experiencing in Student Housing.  We would like to thank Michael for his great insight into the features and amenities that truly ad value for Studen…Read More

  2. December Apartment Leasing Tips

    When leasing apartments it is important to give some thought into the buying behavior of our potential residents. In most cases, a decision to lease an apartment is not made entirely by the prospect who tours the apartment. When there are other occupants living in the unit, their feedback becomes es…Read More

  3. Speed Roommating

      If you are like me, when you first read the words paired together for the title of this blog, you probably did a double take as the word after "speed" was not "dating."  Also if you are just like me, the combination of these two words paired together made you click on, in this case, the blog, w…Read More

  4. Looking To Boost Leasing Numbers and Resident Retention?

    It's often difficult to run some sort of incentive for incoming prospects without having current residents feeling like they were left out, or upset that they are not able to reap the benefits of leasing an apartment now.  It is almost guaranteed to happen where a new prospect will move in who re…Read More

  5. RentMineOnline

    When we are often times beginning leasing at a community and determining what marketing has been implemented to this point to know what direction we would like to go, we always make sure to touch on the topic of resident referral.  Resident referral is a great place to start for any community looki…Read More