1. No Upgrades? No Problem!

    When your community isn’t upgrading and it seems like all your competitors are it can be easy to lose excitement about leasing. However, selling apartments that aren’t upgraded isn’t the kiss of death for your community. Here are some ways to combat the objection: You’ve already identified y…Read More

  2. Small Leasing Tip to Overcome Big Objections By Justin Coleman

    As a leasing agent, sometimes the most difficult task to accomplish is overcoming prospects’ objections. Leasing agents typically know exactly what features in their apartments will draw a negative comment, but not all agents will have a solution prepared when those objections are vocalized. Many…Read More

  3. Making the Most of Apartment Photos By Kristi McMillin

    Of the two photos above, which one are you drawn to? As a prospect, which one would prompt you to pick up the phone or visit the leasing office? More than likely its photo #2 and it’s not a difficult choice to see why.  The second photo is visually appealing to the eye and allows the prospect to …Read More

  4. Apartment Application Of The Week by Justin Coleman

      This is a great app for your smart phone that can really be of assistance for not only leasing agents, but also for prospects. The app is called RoomScan and was created by Locometric.  RoomScan allows you to measure the dimensions of a room by simply holding your phone up to each of the wall…Read More

  5. Making A Model Apartment Feel Like Home

    It’s always interesting going into a new apartment community and seeing the model for the first time. There have been countless times where I have been blown away by the attentiveness to detail, the collaboration of colors and the clever placement of furniture. On the flip side, there have been ti…Read More

  6. The Model: More Than Just A Staged Apartment

    A well-furnished apartment is an essential part of the marketing program for apartment communities and the great thing about an attractive model is that it expresses a lifestyle that cannot be verbalized. A model apartment could be the missing piece to any communities lease up puzzle, but there are …Read More