1. Are you ready for the Facebook Graph Search? by James King

    "Below guest blogger and CLASS Leasing Specialists James King weighs in on the new changes to Facebook: The team at Facebook has finally thrown down the gauntlet and is poised to show the world that it can hold its own against search engine giant, Google. Early in January, Facebook announced its ne…Read More

  2. December Apartment Leasing Tips

    When leasing apartments it is important to give some thought into the buying behavior of our potential residents. In most cases, a decision to lease an apartment is not made entirely by the prospect who tours the apartment. When there are other occupants living in the unit, their feedback becomes es…Read More

  3. Disruptive Apartment Marketing: 3 Great Examples

    Traditional marketing is dead! Or so claims The Harvard Business Review. But is it really dead, or has it drastically changed along with the rest of the today’s communication landscape. With social media, hundreds of new channels have been opened resulting in a constant bombardment of product mess…Read More

  4. 10 Tips For Posting Apartment Craigslist Ads By Justin Coleman

    Craigslist is the most consistently effective marketing piece at CLASS. It is a free marketing tool and contains controlled content, which enables the poster to determine which specifics are highlighted about the community. With a goal of obtaining inquiries from your post, you must first find a way…Read More

  5. Marketing Trends of 2012 (Updated) by Justin Coleman

      I was looking through some previous blog posts and came across one from last year predicting the Marketing Trends of 2012.  Since it was made exactly a year ago I figured it would be neat to see which of these trends and projections have held up over the past 12 months.  Additionally, I have pr…Read More

  6. Handling a Challenging Assignment

    Why does an apartment owner call CLASS?  While there are many answers to this question, one common theme surrounds a majority of our assignments.  They are difficult.  If it was easy our company would not be in business. As many of you have noticed, the degree of difficulty of our assignments may…Read More

  7. The best of the best

    For being such a small company, CLASS is an interesting dichotomy. While we may lease for many years and only meet a handful of fellow Leasing Specialists, the dynamics of our organization make us surprisingly reliant on the success of our fellow colleagues.   In other words, the level at which yo…Read More

  8. Best of the Best

      Here are a few Leasing Specialists who deserve some recognition for their EXCELLENT work this past week. Victoria Enchill.  Victoria came into an urban community in Southern Chicago that was having a very hard time getting qualified traffic through the doors.  Through her marketing efforts and …Read More

  9. The future of Multifamily

      Looking out the window of my flight into Atlanta the other day, I was struck by the massive amounts of unfinished subdivisions and what they can mean for the future of Multifamily.  In the Atlanta area alone, there are over 1,500 unfinished subdivisions representing tens of thousands of vacant l…Read More

  10. Student Housing: What Do Students and Parents Want?

      At the NAA Student Housing Conference and Expo this year, a game of Family Feud was put together pitting five University of Las Vegas students versus five parents from that school in the ultimate showdown of student housing.  The responses to the game were based upon "11,195 college students and…Read More