1. Smoke Free Community: Good or Bad Idea?

    There are some standard questions you get while leasing in a community such as: What is the price? Are you pet friendly? What is the noise like? But one new question that is starting to become more and more common is “do you allow smoking?” For the longest time the answer to this question is yes…Read More

  2. Making the Most of Apartment Photos By Kristi McMillin

    Of the two photos above, which one are you drawn to? As a prospect, which one would prompt you to pick up the phone or visit the leasing office? More than likely its photo #2 and it’s not a difficult choice to see why.  The second photo is visually appealing to the eye and allows the prospect to …Read More

  3. What Apartment Renters Want…

    In the apartment industry it is every single person's duty, from the apartment developers all the way to the maintenance workers, to figure out what the renters want.  In addition once these needs are identified, it is equally as important, if not more important to be able to supply renters with as…Read More

  4. Apartments.com

    Many companies and organizations are making an effort to raise money for charitable causes this holiday season.  We highlighted a few last week and I wanted to share an additional company that orchestrated their efforts via Facebook. Apartments.com set a goal of raising $25,000 to help end homel…Read More