Earlier this month, Twitter made it’s flawless debut on the NYSE. But with a successful IPO comes a new challenge. With almost a third of its users between the ages of 18-29, the social media site must now figure out a way to reach and engage a broader audience. However, the job doesn’t stop …Read More

  2. 3 Ways to Use Vine and Instagram at Your Property

    As Social Media progressively asserts itself into the everyday lives of our prospects and residents, apartment marketers are always looking for a new way to leverage a property’s Twitter, Facebook or Google + page into a viable marketing and retention tool.  With the recent launch of Twitter’s …Read More

  3. Apartment Lease-up Case Study

    Property overview:  New construction class A property in an extremely saturated Jacksonville FL. market.  The property was located in a less then desirable location which led to under qualified traffic.  A majority of the prospects that toured were looking for a price point well below the asking …Read More

  4. Let’s get personal

    We live in a world of mass marketing.  With the constant flow of information that we provide social networks and websites about our likes, shopping habits and contact information, we have become easy targets for marketers.  But lost in the e-blasts and banner ads are the personal touches that trul…Read More

  5. Social Media Marketing

    As 2011 is coming to an end, social media continues to make a significant impact in every business category.  It is very difficult now to get on Facebook and not find at least one business with a page from just about every genre imaginable.  Some venues of business are still searching for the exac…Read More

  6. “Social Twist” To Apartment Marketing

    With word of mouth always being a main source of traffic for apartment communities, as many venues as possible a community can utilize to spread the word of their community, the better.  Word of mouth from physical person to person tends to take the backseat nowadays to the word of mouth via socia…Read More

  7. Facebook and Twitter: By The Numbers

    It is with no hesitation to say that Facebook is one of the most successful websites ever made and this is said without any form of specific profitability to base it upon since Facebook is still a private company.  Just as Facebook has gained success from a user stand point, so to has Twitter, but …Read More