1. LinkedIn Statistics

    LinkedIn has continued to strive since its launch in 2003 and here are some interesting facts from this social media sites success so far: There are roughly 120 million active users worldwide North America makes up over half of the worldwide users The user base consists of around 48.8% Male users an…Read More

  2. “Social Twist” To Apartment Marketing

    With word of mouth always being a main source of traffic for apartment communities, as many venues as possible a community can utilize to spread the word of their community, the better.  Word of mouth from physical person to person tends to take the backseat nowadays to the word of mouth via socia…Read More

  3. Unique Way Of Engaging Your Online Traffic

    With a majority of apartment communities claiming their number one traffic source from ILS's and other property specific websites, it's very beneficial for communities to do everything possible to capture the highest percentage of these viewers.  Often times there is no real way for a property to k…Read More

  4. Facebook Smart Lists

    So with all of the initial hoopla that came about when Google+ was created and how it was going to rival Facebook with the possibility of a potential social media takeover of Mark Zuckerberg's giant, it appears that Google+ has finally at least stirred up the pot at Facebook to force some const…Read More

  5. Facebook and Twitter: By The Numbers

    It is with no hesitation to say that Facebook is one of the most successful websites ever made and this is said without any form of specific profitability to base it upon since Facebook is still a private company.  Just as Facebook has gained success from a user stand point, so to has Twitter, but …Read More