1. The best of the best

    For being such a small company, CLASS is an interesting dichotomy. While we may lease for many years and only meet a handful of fellow Leasing Specialists, the dynamics of our organization make us surprisingly reliant on the success of our fellow colleagues.   In other words, the level at which yo…Read More

  2. The New Google+ Local: Your Property’s New First Impression

    By Guest blogger and Leasing Specialist James King  @Facebook.com/king0120 Recently, Google decided to ditch its Google Places site in favor of a brand new application.  The new, revamped Google+ Local integrates the best of both the Places site and the social network Google+.  Much like its prev…Read More

  3. 5 Unique Way to Follow Up With Your Prospects

    5 Unique ways to follow up on a prospect There is no doubt that internet has drastically altered the buying patterns of today’s renter.   One such change is an extension of the “search time” or the period of time from when a prospect starts looking for an apartment to the time that they actu…Read More

  4. Let’s get personal

    We live in a world of mass marketing.  With the constant flow of information that we provide social networks and websites about our likes, shopping habits and contact information, we have become easy targets for marketers.  But lost in the e-blasts and banner ads are the personal touches that trul…Read More

  5. ShowMyProperty.tv

      For any apartment community out there, having a video made to show the features and benefits of the property is a must have in the marketing repertoire.  A high quality video can definitely be the difference between a potential prospect coming to tour your community and leasing, or just conti…Read More

  6. How Should A Facebook Page Be Used For An Apartment Community?

    I have written a few blogs about general ideas on how to use a Facebook Page for an apartment community.  First off let me start by saying that I cannot harp on the fact enough that a Faceboook Page is only as useful as you make it.  If a property page is created and you think that it going to l…Read More

  7. Social Media Marketing

    As 2011 is coming to an end, social media continues to make a significant impact in every business category.  It is very difficult now to get on Facebook and not find at least one business with a page from just about every genre imaginable.  Some venues of business are still searching for the exac…Read More

  8. Facebook Page Tips

    There are constantly many ideas and articles being tossed around in regards to designing the perfect Facebook Page for an apartment community and what exactly that entails, or if there really is such a thing.  Facebook, being a social media website, or I should see "THE" social media website, is on…Read More

  9. Facebook By The Numbers

    I am absolutely fascinated by the continuing dominance that Facebook has managed to have since it's birth in the social media world, which is why it never gets old for me seeing infographs of Facebook stats. With that being said another collage of Facebook statistics was put together by Ben Pharr of…Read More

  10. Top 50 Branded Facebook Pages

    Ignite Social Media shared a great list earlier this year of the top 50 branded Facebook pages as of March 28, 2011. This list is compiled based upon total number of fans, as well as the increase in fans on a monthly basis. It is pretty amazing to see that some of these pages added over one millio…Read More