1. Low Marketing Budget? Go The Guerrilla Route

    Guerrilla Marketing is often times a loosely used phrase and by loosely used, I mean that many people use the phrase having no clue as to what exactly it means. Wikipedia defines Guerrilla Marketing as, "...an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather tha…Read More

  2. Unique Way Of Engaging Your Online Traffic

    With a majority of apartment communities claiming their number one traffic source from ILS's and other property specific websites, it's very beneficial for communities to do everything possible to capture the highest percentage of these viewers.  Often times there is no real way for a property to k…Read More

  3. Facebook and Twitter: By The Numbers

    It is with no hesitation to say that Facebook is one of the most successful websites ever made and this is said without any form of specific profitability to base it upon since Facebook is still a private company.  Just as Facebook has gained success from a user stand point, so to has Twitter, but …Read More

  4. Marketing Trends For 2012

    With the beginning of a new year yet again quickly upon us, it is time to start gearing towards the mindset of how 2012 will be different than 2011.  How will the apartment industry be different?  What marketing will come to fruition as the front-runner in success and what marketing will take to t…Read More