1. What’s Your Purpose In Social Media?

    In a very brief summary of what social media was designed for, it can be said that social media was made in order to keep people connected. Pretty cut and dry description. Facebook allows users to see what friends are doing across the country on a daily basis. Twitter allows users to feel connected …Read More

  2. Craigslist Mobile App

    Craigslist is without a doubt one of the more useful sites accessible on the Internet, because you can literally find just about anything possible to sell/buy at any given time. I have written quite a few blog postings about Craigslist in regards to tips to posting ads for apartments from my own per…Read More

  3. QR Code Creativity

    QR code usage has managed to work its way into many different venues of business as the cutting edge way to connect to customers. QR codes still have the novelty item tag working in its favor, because it is still fun to pull out your Smartphone and scan a code on a piece of marketing material direct…Read More

  4. Why You Need A LinkedIn Profile

    LinkedIn is essentially the Facebook of the business world. Although LinkedIn has actually been around longer than Facebook (LinkedIn released in May 2003; Facebook released in February 2004), LinkedIn trails the social media giant in users by a very significant margin with 100 million users to Face…Read More

  5. Twitter Party

    So you have your apartment community or business listed now on Twitter...great...now what? Twitter is probably one of the more extreme examples of social media that is not beneficial unless you are actively engaged on the website, making your brand name known by getting it out into the stream of con…Read More

  6. G+ Versus Facebook

    Google G+ Versus Facebook...this battle of social media titans is only in the beginning stages of what will surely be a drawn out, epic, technological, masterminded duel. G+ versus Facebook is like pitting Batman versus Superman (I couldn't resist the analogy), in that both forces strive to do the m…Read More

  7. World’s Skinniest House

    I know that I have written blogs before highlighting the obscure lack of space many individuals live in, often times to show our leasing specialists that apartment size objections could be worse. With that being said this particular example definitely takes the cake when it comes to living in an ext…Read More

  8. Utilizing Space

    I would be willing to bet that one of the universal objections that occurs at nearly every apartment community nationwide at least once a day is that the apartment a prospect is interested in is too small. Often times this objection is made before the prospect even lays eyes upon the apartment, beca…Read More

  9. Tiger Woods And Negative Reviews?

    For any person that is in business, at some point in time they have probably had to deal with online comments made by a customer, whether they were positive or negative (i.e., ApartmentRatings). Obviously handling a positive comment is significantly easier to address. A "thank you for your business …Read More

  10. CLASS Leasing: Additional Craigslist Tips

    In follow-up to my blog from yesterday, I came across another helpful page of information that I wanted to share with everyone for posting on Craigslist. This site provides some additional tips that can be used in order to test the waters of Craigslist to determine what potential renters respond to.…Read More