1. It’s time to increase your rents!

    Why do people only ask about price when inquiring about an apartment?  The most likely answer is that leasing consultants have conditioned them to do so.  When someone is only giving out a price or special over the phone, we are telling our prospects that price is the most important factor in choo…Read More

  2. Student Housing: What Do Students and Parents Want?

      At the NAA Student Housing Conference and Expo this year, a game of Family Feud was put together pitting five University of Las Vegas students versus five parents from that school in the ultimate showdown of student housing.  The responses to the game were based upon "11,195 college students and…Read More

  3. Apartment Lease-up Case Study

    Property overview:  New construction class A property in an extremely saturated Jacksonville FL. market.  The property was located in a less then desirable location which led to under qualified traffic.  A majority of the prospects that toured were looking for a price point well below the asking …Read More

  4. Top 10 Highest and Lowest Net Operating Expenses Cities

    By now, whether it be the developer looking to build a top end A property, or the lowly apartment prospect looking to lease a "low" rent studio apartment, everyone that is involved in multifamily can see the steady increase in the strength of the industry that hasn't been seen comparatively in yea…Read More

  5. Generation Y and Apartment Leasing

    Generation Y currently accounts for about one fourth of the nations population and this generation consists of those individuals, including myself, that are between the ages of 16 to 33.  In addition to making up a large portion of the nations population, Generation Y is also the fastest g…Read More