1. Craigslist Changes It’s Rules: by Justin Williams

    Craigslist has recently made adjustments to their site which have some apartment communities upset. Agents are no longer allowed to post “enhanced listings” which some feel will have major implications to the amount of traffic they can drive in. RELAX. While the changes will surely force the adv…Read More

  2. 10 Tips For Posting Apartment Craigslist Ads By Justin Coleman

    Craigslist is the most consistently effective marketing piece at CLASS. It is a free marketing tool and contains controlled content, which enables the poster to determine which specifics are highlighted about the community. With a goal of obtaining inquiries from your post, you must first find a way…Read More

  3. Creating A More Creative Ad On Craigslist For Your Community

    It is always beneficial to not only post on Craigslist all throughout the day to get a gauge for when prospects are searching for apartments, but it is also very advantageous to post numerous types of ads as well. In posting many different ad types, the leasing specialist posting is able to see wh…Read More

  4. Unique Way Of Engaging Your Online Traffic

    With a majority of apartment communities claiming their number one traffic source from ILS's and other property specific websites, it's very beneficial for communities to do everything possible to capture the highest percentage of these viewers.  Often times there is no real way for a property to k…Read More

  5. Increasing Craigslist Leads

    During the marketing portion of our training, one of the most important topics that I thoroughly cover is the posting of Craigslist ads for apartments. Craigslist is an incredibly advantageous marketing tool, because not only is it effective, but most importantly, it is absolutely free! There are ma…Read More